Hill top bed in late summer

Partridge Pea, Wild Quinine and Wild Bergamot 

Bees collecting pollen on a Stiff Goldenrod

Monarch on a Rose Milkweed.

Prairie Dropseed with Bush's Coneflower 

Rose Mallow in full bloom

Blue Indigo in full bloom  

Shining Blue Star in late May

​Native to Central United States

A nice place to sit and watch nature

Showy Beardtongue blooming in June

Ohio Spiderwort blooming in Prairie

Monarch on a Common Milkweed

Wild Senna in late July

Glade Mallow in Prairie

New Jersey Tea in full bloom

Monarch Caterpillar enjoying a Common Milkweed

Common Violet in spring

Wild Bergamot late July

Gray's sedge in early November

May 2019 early stages of our woodland garden