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My name is Bill Warzecha.  In 2005, my wife, Terrie, and I began the restoration and transformation of our 6.25 acre corn/soybean field to a "Natives Haven."  Natives Haven is different than other nurseries.  Here you can observe native plants available for purchase in a natural setting and also displayed in formal beds. Over an acre of land is dedicated to a wildflower prairie with over 100 different species of native wildflowers and grasses.  Several plants on the property and for sale are on the federally threatened and endangered list.  Groomed paths wind throughout the nursery, and there are many benches and places to sit to enjoy the sounds of nature along the way.  A large pond with a fountain is nestled in between. The gardens were showcased by the Wildflower Preservation and Propagation committee in 2015 and 2018. 

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