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My name is Bill Warzecha, owner of Native Haven Nursery.  In 2005, my wife, Terrie, and I began the restoration and transformation of our 6.25 acre corn/soybean field to a "Natives Haven."  Our labor of love has been very rewarding, as we have witnessed the return of a wide variety of butterflies, including countless monarchs, as well as other pollinators who are drawn to native plants.  Native birds are also very attracted to the wildflowers, and we are proud to say that we have created a sanctuary they now call home where they enjoy an abundant source of food and nesting habitat provided by the native plants.

 Since I started this journey of restoration from farmland to Natives Haven, I’ve learned a lot along the way, and my research and learning opened the door to something else I hadn’t previously thought much about.  The native plants and wildflowers are very tied to history!  Early day Native Americans were very wise and used the native wildflowers for food, medicine, clothing, shelter and ceremonies.  These plants played a huge role in their daily lives.  The more I researched how Native Americans used the plants to their benefit, the more interested I became, and I thought if this knowledge is so interesting to me, I’m sure it will also be to other native plant lovers!  So I created educational signs that are placed in front of many native plants in the nursery that describe how the plant was used by the early Native Americans.  These signs also offer information on the various insects and pollinators that visit particular plants.  I find it very rewarding to see Natives Haven visitors strolling around the property and stopping to read how the wildflowers impacted the lives of the many people who came before us. 

Since opening in June of 2016, we have hosted many garden club tours. We would love for you to come out to experience Natives Haven and share this hidden gem with fellow lovers and enthusiasts of flowers and plants and all things beautiful.  We opened the 2019 season on May 24th and would be happy to host a tour for your garden club or organization.  If you are interested, please contact us to schedule your 2019 garden tour date. 

Natives Havens’ gardens were showcased by the Wildflower Preservation and Propagation committee  ( in September 2015 and again in September 2018.   

We invite you to share our journey by scrolling through the pictures in the "Slideshow" and "Scenes at the Nursery" tabs of our website. 



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