Many garden clubs have visited throughout the years and have taken the tours at Natives Haven Nursery. During the tours, many topics are discussed such as why are scientific names important and are plant cultivars as valuable in pollinator gardens as true straight native species.

Tours usually run a little over an hour. Newly erected signs have been posted for those that would prefer a self guided tour. 

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Natives Haven Nursery

On Natives Havens nature trails you will see Lobelia cardinalis (pictured right), there would be an explanation relative to how the Pawnee tribe valued this plant for its mystic powers.  During this plants blooming cycle, hummingbirds can't resist its bright red tubular flowers. 

Silphium perfoliatum (pictured left) was called "the weed that holds water" by the Winnebago tribe.   The roots of this plant were used by the Omaha and Ponca tribes in their smoke ceremonies.



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                Tours are from July - September 

                           Sunday - Thursday

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