Whether your garden is a city lot or an acre parcel of land, establishing groupings of native plants preserves and even restores the natural ecosystems that were once prevalent in our area.   Birds, butterflies and beneficial insects will make your garden their home, as you will be providing nectar and pollen for caterpillars, butterflies, and bees, and ideal nesting environments and abundant food for birds.   

​Native plants are better adapted to local climatic conditions, reducing or even eliminating the need for supplemental watering.  If natives are planted in the proper soil and sunlight requirements, you will find that most are easy to grow - virtually maintenance free.

Stiff Goldenrod and New England Aster. A beautiful fall combination. Come and see how the Native Americans used these plants. One of many different scenes out in the prairie.

Prairie grasses, Asters and several species of Goldenrod are lighting up the prairie in the fall.

Newly established signs which provide a self guided tour through the prairie. 

Native plants return water to the aquifers.   Native plants provide food and habitat for wildlife.    Native plants connect us to our botanic history.