Tiger Moth Caterpillars eating milkweed

Turtle head

River oats in the foreground with Yellow Coneflowers in background

Phlox and Joe-Pye in full bloom  

During the summer months, several different species of dragonflies can be seen catching insects.

Glade Mallow growing in our prairie. This plant is on the threatened/endangered list in several states.

An injured Heron was looking for shelter amongst the shoreline.

Many scenes like this can be enjoyed in the prairie. Pictured here is Prairie dock, Prairie sage and Purple coneflower.

All ages enjoyed yoga in the serenity of the gardens!!

Prairie Blazing Star and Ironweed

Early morning breakfast for this Monarch caterpillar.

Buffalo Grove Garden Club

Animal control was called and the Heron was taken to Flint Creek Animal Rehab Center.

Ironweed flowers were picked to be

used as dye for a yarn class.

"Yoga in the Prairie."  Brought to you by Natives Haven and Dorothy Robin of Workplace Wellness Yoga.  See our event page.

Spring bulbs creates a traffic stopping show!

Senna hebecarpa

McCullom Lake Garden Club

Woodstock Garden Club

Lilac Island. Even though these are not native shrubs, the first Monarch butterfly spotted at the Nursery in 2018 was April 26th on a Persian Lilac.

Natives Haven Nursery

Algonquin Garden Clu​b

Black Swallowtail feeding on a Monarda

Richmond Garden Club

Great Blues and Cardinal Flowers are a hummingbirds' delight!!

---Turtles                and                      Ducks----

​Have found a home at Natives Haven Nursery :)

​​​A Red-spotted Purple

Dancing monarchs

Rose Mallow. One of the prettiest flower in the gardens.

Our favorite place to relax

The WildFlower Preservation and Propagation Committee visited the gardens. Pictured here is Nursery owner Bill Warzecha and Perle Ollson, one of the co-founders of the WPPC.

The McHenry Garden Club

Bull Valley Garden Club

McHenry County Master Gardeners​

Brown-eyed Susan bed.  A hypnotic look when planted in mass. This native plant is a biennial or short-lived perennial; however, it will self seed. 

Harvard Garden Club

Bush's poppy.  A very long bloomer.

Hoffman Estates Garden Club